That’s right, Jackals–as per MMAMania’s updates of the UFC’s Big Announcement Conference Call, Cain Velasquez will take on Junior dos Santos in the main event of the UFC’s network TV debut on November 12th. Dana says it’s a “no-brainer” to put this on free TV, and he’s right: Velasquez needs the exposure, JDS has a boxing-oriented style that’s casual-fan-friendly, and since neither of these guys are shitty fat-fuck heavyweights there’s a high chance the fight will be a good’un. 

One sorta-negative effect of this is that UFC 139, which this fight was rumored for, has taken a bit of a hit in terms of star power. The fighter with the biggest draw on that card is now one Urijah Faber, though it’s a good bet that the UFC will pull something else out of their magical buttholes to fill the gap at the top of the event. Overeem vs. Mir or Lesnar, perhaps?

There’s no word yet on the other fight scheduled for the the broadcast or the undercard (which many assume will get aired on facebook), but stay tuned for more updates.

Audio of conference call right here (thanks to

UPDATE: Looks like this is the only fight scheduled for broadcast, though if it ends early we’ll most likely be treated to some tasty undercard action. Props to DJ Thunder Elbows for the heads-up! 

UPDATE: Fox Sports honcho David Hill says Velasquez/Dos Santos will be pushed during NFL games and other high-rating properties starting this weekend. EliteXC ratings record, prepare to be smashed.