Man, this Rampage motorboating story just won’t die. We’ve already weighed in declaring the whole thing ‘much ado about nothing’, but we are also willing to admit that Fightlinker’s definition of sexual harassment may be somewhat looser than other people’s. People like … female sports writers, say.

One such sportsbroad, Maggie Hendricks, wrote a post laying out several inappropriate things Rampage has done and called on fellow media to stop covering him. That made it’s way onto the Underground Forums where Joe Rogan added his two cents and unknowingly placed himself at the center of MOTORBOATGATE 2: THE SECOND GATENING!

“I think Rampage occasionally gets out of line, and I think some of what he does in interviews [is] unfortunate. I also think that’s a part of his charm. He’s not a fucking dentist, he’s a cage fighter, and he’s one with a very unique personality. I don’t think he should be given a free pass for some of the questionable things he does, but I do think that this woman in question is all kinds of cunty. The Skywalker broke down everything that’s wrong with her and her shitty, cunty brand of writing to a fucking T. That, was worthy of the #BOOM.”

The reactions have been golden. First, from Cage Potato of all people:

Joe has a wife, a daughter, a mother, female co-workers — that word really shouldn’t be in his vocabulary.

Oh, the lulz. And Bloody Elbow:

Rogan’s behavior is so far beyond what would be allowed from anyone in a position of far less visibility in any other sport that it actually demands MMA not be taken seriously by the mainstream. To pretend that the behavior of visible members of the UFC doesn’t actually impact the amount of respect and, in turn, the amount of coverage the sport receives is plain ignorance.

At the end of the day, that’s the world we live in. One where a female reporter talking about an issue concerning her profession and gender is turned into the villain while the fans all smile and laugh.

I feel like I’m living in some crazy alternative world where people have no idea who Joe Rogan is. He’s one of the most offensive standup comedians out there – he’s got bits on his CDs called “Show Me Your Pussy”, “Shut The Fuck Up Whore”, and “Crazy Bitches Jumping On Fighters’ Dicks.” I like that last one especially because it ties in with his other job as a UFC commentator, which is apparently when oh la la language like this becomes unacceptable.

Jesus, look closely enough at Joe Rogan and there’s a thousand and one reasons why he’d never be allowed near a mic in any other sports league. He makes rape jokes on ESPN and calls reporters fags on message boards. His podcast is sponsored by fuckable plastic vaginas. He’s also a major league psychonaut for fuck’s sake. If there’s another personality in sports or all of Hollywood that flaunts their love of pot and psychedelics more than him, I’ve never met them. But this cunt thing, now THAT’s just beyond the pale! It demands MMA not be taken seriously by mainstream media!

A lot of what Joe Rogan says is inappropriate, and it often has very little to do with the sex of the person he’s flaming, or what their job is. I’m sure he’s called a stunning variety of people cunts over the years, sometimes with justification and sometimes not. If you wanna open the mega-gigantic can of worms that is ‘Things Joe Rogan Said / Did That Will Bring Shame Down Upon MMA’, go for it. But singling out this one example and acting all STOP THE PRESSES is dumb.