Good news! Everyone’s favorit Ninja of Love, Nick Denis, will have his UFC on FOX 3 bout against Roland Delorme show on Facebook. FUEL has been doing a good job of picking up most of the prelims but from time to time a few fights have been getting dropped without the FB treatment. It’d be a shame if that happened to Denis, especially considering how endlessly watchable his last finish was.

What’s funny is we almost didn’t get to see Nick fight at all … ever! The guy was well on his way towards a much brainier career:

UFC bantamweight Nick Denis credits an episode of “Star Trek” for his career path. Not fighting, but biochemistry.

He started at the University of Ottawa as a math and physics student. But hooked on “Star Trek,” he saw an episode where a disease hype-accelerated some on board the Enterprise and Dr. McCoy had to figure it out.

“After that episode, I was like ‘Screw physics. I want to do biochemistry. It’s cool,”‘ Denis said with a laugh.

“I based that decision purely on an episode of TV.”

Denis went on to get a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biochemistry, electing at the start of 2011 to focus on fighting rather than continue with his PhD studies.

Now he’s putting his brain to a different kind of work. And because we’re all about delving into the origins of our favorite Canadian fighter nicknames today:

His fight nickname came from one of his coaches in Ottawa.

“Fight time I’m serious, like a ninja I guess you could say,” Denis explained. “But in general I’m not a rough guy, I’m not a mean guy, I’m not going to talk trash. I’m just looking to have a good time — so I guess I’m the ninja of love.”