(yep, this is also my new official ‘UFC facepalm’ graphic)

UFC COO Lawrence Epstein confirms that Boston’s stupid insistence on Social Security numbers from foreign fighters may knock some fights off the card:

“There’s no doubt it’s going to be a burden,” UFC Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Epstein told the Herald.

Because of the rule — believed to be the only one of its kind in the nation — “there’s a possibility” that some international fighters won’t be able to get required state licenses to fight in the Aug. 17 event, Epstein said.

Epstein said the grace 
period could affect fighters who train overseas by forcing them to come to Boston earlier than planned.

“It could force guys to break camp early,” he said.

As for the Department of Public Safety’s insistence that this is a TOTALLY NECESSARY THING and not just an oddball requirement that’s being strictly interpreted for no good reason, here’s some other commissions and their take on the situation:

Keith Kizer, Nevada Athletic Commission executive director, told ESPN.com that Social Security numbers are not a requirement in his jurisdiction to obtain a license to compete. He said promoters usually work directly with the IRS on matters related to each fighter’s federal tax obligations.

New Jersey State Athletic Control Board attorney Nick Lembo told ESPN.com: “Our job is to identify the individual through a passport. And you can make sure they have the proper visa to be here. The commission can notify its treasury department, if need be, if there is a taxation issue. But at big-money fights the IRS is a fixture at the fight anyhow.

“So you don’t have to worry about taxation. The commission’s job is to identify the individual, which you can clearly do without a Social Security number.”

This whole thing is fucking stupid. Boston doesn’t need social security numbers from foreign fighters. They’re just being bureaucratic cunts and deserve to be kicked in said cunts five hundred times by Cheick Kongo, Crown Prince of Crotch Kicking.