Jon Fitch is once again acting all confused as to why he isn’t buried underneath a big pile of title shots and fan appreciation.

“It is frustrating because the truth of the matter is, I don’t understand what the problem is. No one’s come up to me and said ‘we don’t like what you’re doing. Do this differently.’ I’ve gotten absolutely zero feedback about what’s going on,” Fitch said. “I have no idea what’s happening or why certain guys are getting title shots. It’s a complete mystery to me and no one’s approached me and said anything about my style or what I’m doing good or bad.”

You know what’s frustrating to me? Reading headlines like “Jon Fitch has no clue why his GSP rematch hasn’t come yet.” It’s this kind of thing that sets you off in a semi-epileptic seizure slapping yourself in the forehead going DUR DURRR DURRRRRRRR DUUUUUUUUURRR.

Let’s lay this out yet again: Jon Fitch hasn’t finished an opponent since 2007. Jon Fitch has shown no new skills or abilities since getting trounced by Georges St Pierre in 2008. Jon Fitch lost that fight so badly that one judge scored it 50-43. Jon Fitch almost lost to a lightweight in his last fight.

Tada. The Mystery of the Missing Title Shot is solved. Send the bill to Scotland Yard, care of Sherlock Fucking Holmes.