Back in the good old days of ‘Not giving a shit’, I used to just download UFCs a day or two after the event. However, since I’m now ‘in the industry’, I figured it would be pretty hypocritical of me to continue stealing from the companies that I’m making a living off of. Daddy Dana already thinks of us as parasites as it is, so nowadays I buy the PPVs online and watch them like that.

Of course, it always drove me nuts that I had to pay the same amount as Joe Sixpack did on his fancy dancy telemavision. After all, there’s no PPV network assraping the UFC on rates here. There’s also the fact that the stream wasn’t exactly crystal clear. Maybe if you jizzed on crystal and then smudged it all up and left it to dry in the sun for two days. But that’s about as close as I’d say it is to crystal clear. So why the hell am I stuck paying the same amount to watch this on my laptop?

Anyways, I’ve accepted the fact at this point and all I can hope for is improvements down the road. So I’m cautiously optomistic about the UFC’s deal with Yahoo to stream their PPVs from there. Same ass rape price, but with better quality? Yahoo did a sorta good sorta bad job with the Strikeforce shows: image quality was good but the aspect ratio was all fucked up. But who knows if that was their fault or Strikeforce’s fault? I guess we’ll find out at UFC82 if this is a step forward or a step backwards.