If you thought Bob Meyrowitz getting back into MMA ended poorly, you haven’t seen shit yet. Another UFC founder by the name of Art Davie has his own vision of the evolution of MMA: arm-wrestle fighting. If that sounds stupid, it’s because it is.

But wait till you hear the full details and watch the above video. Then it becomes borderline insane. Like the kind of shit you dream about and wake up and go “Wow, that was pretty much the dumbest dream I ever had, and it made zero sense.” But in this case, it’s not a dream. It’s not a joke. It’s real.

We recently ran into Art Davie, the guy who started the first big MMA tournament in the US that eventually become Ultimate Fighting and also headed K-1 kick boxing in America. He had a new rough concept he wanted to expand on and partnered with me and my team.

The new sport is called XARM (Extreme Arm Wrestling). Basically, we have developed (and are still working on) an official table at which two contestants are tethered to. The contestants have three one-minute rounds during which they try to pin their opponent’s arm while punching, slapping, choking and generally pounding him.

Props to jackal grampageoff for bringing this to our attention. I’ll try and dig up more information on this awesome new combat sport hybrid. It’s up there with lesbian fuck wrestling and chess boxing.