After a mandatory period of “outrage” that extended for almost two months, de facto number three MMA organization World Series of Fighting has signed Rousimar Palhares. That’s right, crazy ol’ Palhares, the dude who doesn’t know what a tap out means and who likes to mess up opponents’ knees with submissions that almost always result in torn tendons and ligaments, limps, and nightmares.

Here’s a statement from WSOF on the matter, courtesy of MMAJunkie:

“Rousimar is one of the most talented athletes in mixed martial arts, and we’re excited to have him as a part of our organization,” WSOF President Ray Sefo said.

Hey, want to know what’s funny about that statement from Sefo? The fact that during the period of outrage, he said this:

“His past is not good,” explained Sefo. “The team and I have talked about it. He needs to probably seek some sort of help or talk to somebody, a psychiatrist or whatever, that can help him get away from hurting fighters.

“Until he does that, we won’t look at signing him anytime soon or anything like that.”

So, clearly one of two things are going on here. The first is that maybe the Brazilian leglock master/out-of-control nutjob has gotten help and is 100% a new man. The second thing that could be going on – and more likely option – is that Sefo and the good folks at the WSOF realized that people are going to tune in to watch Palhares simply because people like to watch impending and inevitable life-altering injuries (like car crashes and WorldStarHipHop videos), and that has more value to the WSOF than moral high ground.

Regardless of what’s behind the WSOF’s decision to sign this human liability, one thing is for sure: they do not give one rat’s ass about the health and safety of their other fighters.