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Dan Severn is one tough SOB. Any dude who fights more often at 53 than most guys do at 25 (he fought 10 times in 2010-2011) has my respect (even if some of them might have been rigged). In addition to fighting legit styles, he also spent a decent amount of his time pro wrasslin, and here he is talking to our sister site WrestleNewz about which one was harder. You might be surprised at his answer:

“Professional wrestling is much more difficult. I’ve been hurt far worse in the professional wrestling industry than I have been in all of my cage matches. What makes me nervous about wrestling is that I have to put my body in someone else’s hands. If that person screws up, it’s me that gets hurt.”

As for the hands he’s putting his body into…

“I say this as a broad stroke: professional wrestling is the biggest band of derelicts, ne’er-do-wells, misfits, nitwits and socially inept individuals ever. There are exceptions. But that’s the way it was when I first got involved, and it still is to this day.”

So pro wrestling is more difficult, not because training or cagefighting is easier but because you literally have to put your life in the hands of every strung out substance abusing narcissistic wrestler you get booked to ‘fight.’ That’s a pretty legit statement, I’d say. Every match ends up being like one of those corporate trust building exercises, except instead of falling back into your partner’s arms he’s piledriving you out of a ring through a stack of tables.