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Just in case any of us human cockfighting fans were wallowing in a bit too much schadenfreude over the Floyd Mayweather shitshow this past weekend, The Fight Nerd reminds us that MMA has its share of dirty/asshole fighters too.

How dirty?  Check out this JMMA match between Takeo Shiina and Jung Hyan Lee last November, in which Shiina was apparently rather offended by Lee’s antics during the staredown.  So much so, that after brutally KO’ing Lee just over 30 seconds in, he delivers a flurry of gratuitous fists and knees to both Lee and the referee that would make even Maiquel Falcao blush.  After being pulled off and celebrating for awhile, he returns to mock the still downed Lee, and has a brief confrontation with one of Lee’s cornermen and then someone outside the cage too.

Even though the fight was already over before the foul, Lee’s record now shows a DQ “win” thanks to the referee assault, but I doubt that eased his pain much.  Stay classy, MMA.