While Bellator has made it known they aren’t interested in the UFC’s recent cast-offs, the World Series of Fighting seems to be quite happy with scooping up some sloppy seconds. Their most recent signing? Jon Fitch.

Former UFC welterweight contender Jon Fitch has signed a multifight contract with World Series of Fighting, promotion senior vice president Ali Abdel-Aziz confirmed to on Thursday night.

The agreement between WSOF and Fitch is for four fights.

Considering his terrible relationship with the UFC, it’s no surprise that Fitch seems genuinely excited about the opportunity to fight for a less dictatorship-like organization:

“They’re going to keep me busy, I should easily be able to fight three or four times a year with them. And if they don’t keep me busy I’ll be able to find work outside of the organization. I’ll be able to – as long as it’s not within 45-days of a fight I’ll be able to grapple and compete in submission wrestling and other grappling competition and I think I might be able to fight overseas if time permits.”

While this is great for Fitch (and other recently cut UFC fighters Jacob Volkmann and Aaron Simpson) is this really a good move for WSOF?

Bellator at least builds their own talent and will always have the bargaining chip of ‘who knows how they’d fare in the UFC?’ when promoting their superstars. It worked for Alvarez and Lombard, and that chatter is building around Michael Chandler and Pat Curran.

If WSOF fills their rosters with guys who had their shot in the UFC and failed, why should we care? They might be able to start with Anthony Johnsons and Jon Fitches but it’s a slippery slope to this. Need I point out that Andrei Arlovski has headlined their first two shows?

Also let’s not forget they are scooping up a lot of fighters the UFC basically cut for being BORING. With a thin roster consisting of grinders like Volkmann, Simpson, Fitch, Kris McCray and even Johnson (let’s not forget the Hardy fight) they might as well change their name to the World Series of Blankets. I hear Fitch’s first fight might be against a Snuggie.