(Uhhh, Peggy Morgan is the one on the right.)

At this point does anyone really think that 37 year old Fox is going to have a legitimate bout against a respected female fighter anytime soon?  When Fox’s manager came out earlier this week and said they’d “no problem finding an opponent” for May’s CFA 11 tournament, what he REALLY meant was: “Yeah, we’re going to be repeatedly turned down from various women and organizations until Tito Ortiz and I can come to some sort of agreement regarding a sideshow exhibition fight with Cyborg.”  I read between the lines, I know what’s going on!

Now 2-0 CFA featherweight Peggy “The Daywalker” Morgan and her trainer John Fain are saying nyet in our tourney! with this short and sweet video:

[youtube iYgvK7gPWOw]

Of course, everyone says Fain may have been a liiiitle insensitive toward Fox with his remarks, which is probably why Morgan said nothing but her name and then released her own statement later which stated :

“The main reason I’ve stayed quiet is that it’s a delicate subject and I’m afraid of inadvertently offending people or of saying something that will be taken out of context and misconstrued.”

…and then detailed what every other female fighter has been saying since this situation reared its head.  Well, that’s no fun.  Let’s just reiterate what her trainer said in case you don’t watch the video:

“Fallon Fox is not Rosa Parks.  He’s not trying to elevate anyone but himself and he’s making a mockery of women’s MMA… He will be famous for about ten minutes for being a man who had a sex change and now wants to fight a woman.”

Whoa, John Fain, them’s fightin’ words.  Oh, wait.  No they’re not…