“The worst time of my life”

We’ve already heard Diego Sanchez cry wah wah about how forsaking Jesus in lieux of weed ruined his life and screwed up his fighting career. It’s VERY IMPORTANT that everyone understand it was this that caused him to stumble. It has NOTHING to do with him hitting a ceiling while the competition continues to grow stiffer. Here he is warning others not to fall down a dark path of rockstar partying and indiscriminate sex with models.

He said watching “The Ultimate Fighter 1” coach and former champ Chuck Liddell was a lesson in how a fighter could live his life at the razor’s edge and get away with it.

“I got sold that when I was young, watching Chuck rise to the top,” Sanchez said. “It was no secret that that guy was partying hard, and I thought, ‘I could do it, too.’ It took me down a bad path.”

That path wasn’t just about the people he was hanging around with, but the lifestyle he was embracing that prompted him to drown his sorrows in alcohol and marijuana. After a loss to then-lightweight champ B.J. Penn at UFC 107, he continued to slide. A friend hustled him out of more than $200,000 in an investment scheme. He fought John Hathaway at UFC 114, broke, and lost a decision. And he kept going. Even when he turned things around in late 2010 and won a decision over Paulo Thiago, he was apparently still hurting.

“I got so deeply addicted to the partying, the false reality dream that’s sold to America through the entertainment industry, through the hip-hop rappers who go out there and (say), ‘I want to ‘f’ every girl in the world; let’s party like a rock star,'” Sanchez said. “It’s in the movies, it’s in the entertainment industry, and it’s not the life.”

MMA Fighting has more on Diego trying to Chuck it up, and the kind of messed up stuff you end up dealing with when you’re surrounded by psycho starf*ckers:

A woman whom Sanchez had met online deceived the fighter into believing he was the father of their child. Based on the child’s striking similarities, Sanchez foregone a DNA test and raised the child as his own. The path to discovering the truth began when he married another woman and was no longer allowed by the mother to visit the child.

In an attempt to gain custody of the child, Sanchez hired an attorney. During the process, Sanchez finally underwent a DNA test and learned there were no blood ties.

“I was crushed. It was heartbreaking for me that he wasn’t mine,” Sanchez said. “I had to take it for what it was and just accept it. The girl that put me through this, she knew all along he wasn’t mine.” Sanchez continued. “It was all a big plan to get money or something: the money, the fame, she wanted to be in the limelight and say she had Diego Sanchez’s son … I don’t know.”

There is a silver lining in all this: it drove Diego back into the loving arms of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ Who Is The Power And The Glory Hallowed Be His Name. All that J-power and no longer being a lazy pothead drunk may be just enough to get him past Jake Ellenberger. If not, maybe it’s time to give Vishnu a call?