[youtube O8mDKNvwmoM]

I’ve grappled a little bit with how WMMA is sometimes marketed. On one hand, I love the skill and athleticism on display and consider women’s fighting to be on par with men’s in terms of excitement and quickly climbing to the same level skill wise. On the other, these ladies be giving me mega-boners all over the hizzy. I like it when the chicks show up to the weigh-ins in string bikinis … perhaps a little too much. At the same time, the fact that they’re wearing LESS than the Octagon girls makes me wonder if maybe we’re putting too many of the baser interests in WMMA at the forefront.

Wherever that battle between legitimacy and sexiness ends up (hopefully at Sexy Legitimacy), I’m sure it will be in a healthier place than Japan, where Rin Nakai is helping Pancrase promote their events by soaping up in a bikini, working a medicine ball dressed as a dominatrix, and [insert suggestive act] in [insert sexy outfit]. Adding into the strangeness that Japan touches everything with, Rin doesn’t exactly line up with our narrow view of what sexy is all about. In that way, perhaps you could even argue that her stretching and spreading is empowering. Feminism!