Earlier this week, Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp made an unusual announcement, stating that no manager had the ability to blackball fighters from her organization and anyone claiming they could was full of shit. She didn’t name any names, but it wasn’t long before WMMA pioneer Tara LaRosa named Brett Atchley as the manager in question and all of a sudden you couldn’t throw a stone without hitting a female fighter with horror stories to tell about Atchley. My ‘favorite’, from former Atchley client Jessamyn Duke:

Duke expanded on the comment about Atchley getting physical with her mom, saying “He actually physically shoved my mom once when they were having an argument. For some reason, he approached my mom when they were in the lobby of the hotel and they started having this argument, and he started telling her that he made me, and I’ve changed and all this stuff. And my mom being…well, my mom, she didn’t take too kindly to that. And she was trying to leave and get out of the way, and he actually shoved her trying to talk to my sister. It was insane and HIGHLY unacceptable to put your hands on a woman like that and move her physically. That was one of my first serious red flags where it was like ‘this is not okay.'”

Other accusations against Atchley include ‘inappropriate sexual behavior’, numerous physical altercations, threats, bullying, and shortchanging / gouging fighters. There’s also a general thread of alcohol being involved in many of these incidents. Basically, the guys seems to be aiming for the #1 P4P scumbag in MMA spot currently held by former Affliction head Todd Beard, who punched a pregnant woman in the stomach. That dude was the Anderson Silva of scuzziness, but I have a feeling we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of Atchley’s poor behavior.