I’ve been following with some interest the developments with California’s Bill AB2100, aka the totally unneccessary bill crafted by the same union assholes that blocked MMA legislation in New York. It started out as a gigantic clusterf*ck with tons of overbearing provisions that would turn the sport on it’s head and kill both major and minor league MMA in the state, but morphed after several amendments into something far more reasonable. At this point it basically tries to invalidate champion clauses and lifetime rights grabs, stuff I can agree with in general.

What I can’t agree with, though, is supporting any legislative effort put forward by a group that is just f*cking with the UFC as part of it’s war to unionize Fertitta-owned casinos. These guys aren’t fighting for the betterment of the sport. They don’t care about the fighters. They’re just trying to be thorns in the UFC’s side however they can.

So it makes me happy that those keeping tabs on AB2100 aren’t very confident that it’s going to go anywhere:

As UFC lobbyist Tim Lynch noted at the April 25th Sacramento hearing for AB2100, the California State Athletic Commission would need to pay to hire lawyers to review hundreds of fighter contracts if AB2100 was passed. Given the current economic situation facing Chairman Frierson and Executive Director George Dodd, this is politically untenable. In order for AB2100 to survive, Assemblyman Alejo would have to craft the amendments in such a way that, on paper, it would cost the AC $0. It’s hard to see how the Assemblyman will be able to pull this off, let alone confront Chairman Frierson’s attitude of ‘we want business.’ You know what wouldn’t be good for CSAC business? UFC and Bellator no longer running shows in California. UFC stated that if the AB2100 amendments passed that they would no longer run California. Chairman Frierson is not going to accept this. This is why AB2100 is headed down a path of no return.

We can only hope. If the Culinary Union is successful with AB2100, you can expect more of the same in other states. They may have gone for the inch after we refused them the mile in California, but with MMA in New York down the toilet yet again, it should be obvious what they’re going for.