Alistair Overeem is still talking like a New Years Eve bout against Mirko Crocop is a lock, but from listening to Mirko talk I wouldn’t be so sure:

2. He says he shouldn’t have fought so early after the surgery but his desire to fight was to big. He says he hesitated in the Overeem fight because he was afraid to lose and also make a wrong move and injure his knee. But also he says sometimes he just doesn’t know why he fights so badly (like in the UFC).

3. He says the new surgery is not an excuse but he says the japanese people want to see him fight and he owes them. He says after the surgery he should be ready to fight in April.

I should note that it’s always dangerous to base thoughts around a translated article like this. Perhaps Mirko is talking about new surgery AFTER the Overeem fight? Still, until I hear a re-affirmation from Crocop that he’s taking the fight, I wouldn’t get too excited about it. We’ve been hurt before, you know.