Vitor Belfort has a rep for being a long winded bloviator when it comes to topics like Jesus and honor and integrity and all that crap. He even uses a hundred words instead of one when asked if he’s ever used testosterone replacement therapy:

If a question is private, I have the choice to answer or not. If I make it public, it’s not private anymore. If I want to say something private I will say it, but I keep to myself and I respect the laws of the sport. Whatever the organization, whatever the law — they know what to do. This is too controversial, why am I going to say something that doesn’t accomplish anything? If it’s legal, they know what to do. If it’s legal, there’s nothing to say about it. It’s legal.

So you tell me: if you ask a dude straight up if he’s taking steroids, and he hums and haws for a while before pointing out that he’s technically allowed to take them, what does that imply to you?

Vitor’s steroid use is still not 100% confirmed though, and it may never be. His fight takes place in Sao Paulo and will be overseen by some newfangled Brazilian commission. UFC regulatory head Marc Ratner confirmed that all 22 fighters on the card would be drug tested. But does that mean guys using TRT will be unmasked? Remember after UFC 152 in Toronto, the commission announced that one fighter had legally juiced but refused to name names. Funny enough, Vitor Belfort just happened to be fighting on that card too. How about that.