Sometimes the similarities between MMA and pro wrestling get kinda creepy. And no, not just in how things are booked or promoted. Even when it comes to business. Dave Meltzer discusses Bellator’s most recent timeslot change:


Wednesday looks like a favorite, given Spike moved Ultimate Fighter to that night and had success. In addition, Spike is clearly trying to get fans familiar with watching on that night with the Fight Master reality show, a Bellator product, airing at 10 p.m. on Wednesdays. from June 19 to August 21.

Wednesday is also the most intriguing, because UFC is staking the claim to Wednesday night as its night, starting on Aug. 27. During the fall, it will air UFC Tonight and The Ultimate Fighter weekly on Wednesdays, as well as live fights, not weekly, but on a regular basis.

Yes, Bellator may decide to go head to head with those upcoming weekly UFC events. Now before you say this sounds like suicide, here’s where the ghost of pro wrestling history comes in. Back in the mid-90s, a promotion called WCW managed to give the WWE a run for its money and a big part of doing that is attributed to going head to head with Monday night programming. It was a ballsy move that paid off as people ate up the feud angle between the two companies as eagerly as the feuds between all those dudes in spandex.

Could the same kind of thing happen if Bellator hits up the same night as the UFC? Would fans channelsurf between the shows and stay with whatever fights entertain most? Or would the UFC suck up all the oxygen and ratings and crush Bellator easily? Sending your fledgling MMA promotion off to war with the UFC just when it’s starting to really get going seems foolish to me, but keep in mind there could be dick swinging involved here. From that perspective, an attempt to recreate the Monday Night Wars on Wednesday might be hard to resist.