The blog of Ronda Rousey’s mom Ann Maria De Mars is full of all sorts of amusing anecdotes and stories on why Ronda is the way she is. Apparently she used to jump Ronda in the middle of the night and try to choke the shit out of her. She’d drag an injured Ronda to competitions because “someday you might get injured during the Olympics so you better be prepared.” And so on and so on with various other Nietzsche-esque behavior. As for why her daughter fights so aggressively?

When Ronda started judo, I told her that if you did not attack every three seconds, you got a penalty. She want along thinking that her first three years of competition until Tawny Uemura (I’m STILL pissed at you for this, Tawny) told her that it wasn’t true.

Of course, by then, the pattern had been laid down and she continues to attack pretty relentlessly to this day.

Lying to your children: The foundation for success.