Several months ago we reported on the very important news that part time Octagon girl Brittney Palmer would ‘absolutely’ ‘do’ ‘Playboy’, if you know what I mean. Aka she’d absolutely do Playboy. Her exact words:

“I feel like, if they came to me and asked me, absolutely. But as of right now I haven’t been asked so I’m just chilling. Chillaxing in the chill zone. They haven’t asked me but if they do, I will.”

Now she’s talking about it again:

“If Playboy came after me, I would definitely consider it. It would have to be the right move, the right shot, I would want it to be around my artwork and my paint,” said the budding painter, who currently attends art school.

“I know Farrah Fawcett, she did a spread forever ago, obviously, and she was like rolling around in paint, I think it would be something like that, it would be pretty awesome.”

Are we seriously going to make this girl say it again? How many times does she have to put herself out there offering up her T and V before something happens, people? She may be chillaxing in the chill zone, but I’m not. We need to do something to make sure Playboy knows about this. Erections are at stake, people!!!