A lot of people are asking why the fuck Matt Hamill pulled a Sherk last night in trying to stand with Rich Franklin. The answer might be that Hamill already knew he couldn’t take Rich down … because he was the one who taught Rich how to stop him:

Rich Franklin, the former middleweight champion, officially became the newest major name to enter the light heavyweight title hunt. In a case of irony, years back, Franklin (26-3), whose only career losses have been two to current middleweight champ Anderson Silva and one to undefeated light heavyweight contender Lyoto Machida, trained heavily with his opponent Saturday night, Matt Hamill, in takedown defense.

Now you get an idea of why fighters are so possessive of their camps and why they don’t like inter-camp fights. A training partner not only gets a feel for your strength and style, but also for a lot of your specific moves. Even if Hamill was lightyears ahead of where he was a few years ago, the mental affect of knowing Franklin could stuff his takedowns must not have been pleasant.