Din Thomas was supposed to fight this past weekend at that Ultimate Chaos card in Mississippi but instead got pulled last second because of some retardation at the weigh-ins. What actually happens depends on who you believe. Here’s Din’s side of the story from the point he stepped on the scale at 146.6 pounds (interesting that he’s finally dropped down to featherweight, eh?):

“I’m expecting (UFC emcee) Joe Rogan to say, ‘Yeah, you’ve got two hours to cut the weight.’ But they didn’t tell me at this card. I was on stage, I weighed in at 146.6 (pounds), I looked at the commission, and I said, ‘Am I OK?’ And they said, ‘Oh, yeah. You’ll be fine. Don’t worry.'”

Thinking all was well, Thomas began to rehydrate.

“Me and Javier, we squared up, we posed, we took pictures, and I was like, ‘Damn, I’m all good. I ain’t even gotta cut,'” Thomas said. “And I thought I may even have to cut, but they told me I was fine. So I went and I started [rehydrating]. As soon as I started [rehydrating], Javier gonna start bitching, ‘Oh, man. He needs to cut the weight.’ I was like, ‘Damn.'”

Now here’s his opponent Javier Vasquez giving his side of things:

“Someone from the show came up to me and goes, ‘Hey, he’s a half-of-a-pound over; do you want him to cut?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I want him to cut.’ That’s as far as I went.”

Vazquez, who said he was approached no more than “one minute, two minutes tops after I walked off the stage,” said he had no idea Thomas had already started rehydrating.

“I wasn’t worrying about him rehydrating,” Vazquez said. “I was worried about me rehydrating. I’m not looking over my shoulder to see what he’s doing. My job is to make weight, get rehydrated, and that’s it. Everything else should be on the commission. I’m not going to be running up there and start bitching and complaining. That’s not what I did.”

The whole thing is a complete clusterfuck from start to finish, complete with Din turning down an opportunity to fight anyways if he agreed to give up 20% of his purse. By that point though he’d already half killed himself trying to cut weight again and his general attitude was ‘fuck this, and fuck Vazquez’.

There’s still a lot of grey zone shit in there but it looks like this was just two guys getting wires crossed because of an incompetent commission. Rather than sit both guys down immediately to figure out a solution, they went through a bunch of retardation that ended up making both guys look stupid and unprofessional. Way to go, Mississippi!