It’s been over two months since Dana trimmed the fat off of his fighter roster by releasing Jon Fitch and fifteen other fighters.  Then, when everyone was said, “Jon Fitch and Jacob Volkmann gone?  Yeah, I’m okay with that,” White threatened that a great sacrifice would be made to the warrior gods because he still had over 100 useless fighters on the payroll.  Since then, though, it’s been pretty quiet.  Colin Fletcher was cut after going 0-2, and Lavar Johnson and Matt Riddle were cut on failed PED and marijuana tests respectively, but there hasn’t yet been the great bloodletting White promised, even after the UFC brought in a plethora of Strikeforce fighters.

But perhaps things are about to heat up.  Seven fighters were quietly released last week: Phil De Fries, Chris Spang, Jimmy Quinlan, Collin Hart, Kevin Casey, Gilbert Smith Jr., and Adam Cella.  And looking back on the cursed card that was UFC 159, perhaps it’s time to go over the roster again and spill a little more blood at the feet of whatever god Dana White and the Fertitta brothers bow down before.  Leonard Garcia is the obvious choice from the last round of losers – if I may be so bold as to suggest the UFC start cutting due to performance issues.  And unless Garcia is protected from up on high by the prince of darkness, it’s a pretty sure bet he’s gone by the end of the week.  Nick Catone can probably say goodbye to the organization: in 8 scheduled fights he’s had 1 win, 2 losses, and five cancelled bouts due to his own injuries.  His matchup with James Head at 159 was cancelled after failing to make weight and dehydrating himself into the hospital.

So who else will soon be headed to the bread lines?  According to Brazil’s NewsMMA, Demian Maia will be meeting Josh Koscheck in Rio for UFC 163.  An odd sort of matchup… unless Dana is trying to nudge Kos into “retirement.”

(pic by Scott Peterson for MMA Weekly)