With Anderson Silva creaming yet another opponent without breaking a sweat, the quest is on to find an opponent that’ll be able to put up a decent fight. Here’s our list of the guys who may possibly be in Anderson Silva’s future:

Georges St Pierre: Anderson Silva is P4P #1 in the world. He’s also the greatest fighter of all time. There used to be some debate about that, with some dude named GSP being the guy you could once make a case for. Not so much any more. If Georges wants to be known as the best, it’s his prerogative to move up and beat the best. Sure, Anderson will have a size advantage. No, that’s not a good enough reason for this fight to not happen.

Jon Jones: If GSP won’t move up, then Anderson should. Once he seemed interested in doing just that, but things changed a bit once his fellow Black House fighters Lyoto Machida and Lil Nog started vying for title contention. Jones is also one of the few people in the UFC that legitimately have a chance of beating Anderson. Yeah he’s untested, but thus far when it comes to his potential the sky has been the limit. The calls for this fight to happen are only going to get louder, but I doubt the UFC will put it together until Jones builds up some fame and has cleared out all the former champs clamoring for their turn against him. After Rampage, Rashad, and Machida, this makes sense.

Cain Velasquez: Anderson Silva has talked about jumping up to heavyweight before, and what’s he supposed to do? Let Dan Henderson pull it off and not give it a shot himself? A quick grab at multiple UFC belts is a great way to lock in that ‘greatest ever’ title, but isn’t likely to happen until camp mate Junior Dos Santos is out of the title picture. With a major weight advantage and the wrestling ability that had everyone buying Okami’s chances, Cain is probably the stiffest challenge for Anderson you’re going to find in the UFC.

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Shogun Rua: Anderson vs Vitor was the fight that tipped the scales for the UFC in Brazil, apparently. There’s nothing hot blooded South Americans love more than two local heroes fighting for superiority, and this is the kind of fight that could help the UFC fill up that stadium they’re eyeballing. While it’ll probably take another ass kicking or two delivered against serious competition before anyone really buys Shogun’s chances, it would still be a sick fight. More importantly, it would sell.

Dan Henderson: Dan has said he’s not all that interested in fighting at 185, but fighting Anderson Silva is a different matter all together. Sure, the result would probably be the same. Hendo might be riding a mega hype wave but recent wins against Babalu, Feijao, and Fedor aren’t really enough to overlook how he was thoroughly dominated the first time he faced the Spider. Maybe a high profile win against someone like Shogun on Fox could change that though…

Chael Sonnen: Chael came the closest to beating Anderson Silva out of all his opponents. Sure, you can say that was probably because Anderson was suffering from a rib injury. But are we supposed to just take Silva’s camp at their word that things would be different otherwise? I believe it, but that’s really not how the fight world works. When you come 15 seconds away from taking the belt off a guy that’s looked invincible against everyone else, then you’re gonna get a rematch.