With Chael Sonnen’s flawless victory over Brian Stann on Saturday, Operation Chaelstrom can now move to the next phase – a rematch with Anderson Silva. Chael called Andy out after his fight, going so far as to demand the fight happen on Super Bowl weekend. One problem with this though: the UFC’s Super Bowl event is traditionally held in Nevada, and Sonnen is kinda persona non grata in that state. Here’s Dana White trying to pretend it ain’t so through sheer force of will:

“Chael Sonnen has paid his dues (and) has done his thing, has done whatever. Floyd Mayweather fights in Nevada. This guy’s been arrested. He’s got 50 lawyers defending him right now and all that crazy stuff and he’s fighting in Nevada. Don’t even get me going on that one. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t license Chael. It shouldn’t even cross my mind. The thought of whether Chael could get licensed in Nevada or California or anywhere else should be the least of my worries. The guy did everything that he was told to do. When guys like Floyd are getting licensed in Nevada, why should I have to worry about Chael?”

Oh, if only Chael’s problems started and stopped on the same question of character issue Dana is talking about with Floyd Mayweather. Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Chael was getting sketchy testosterone injections for god knows how long. Not only did he get caught doing that, he lied about it during his hearing. And what was his lie? That Nevada Athletic Commission head Keith Kizer had approved said testosterone use.

Chael narrowly avoided having his fight license suspended indefinitely due to a stupid technicality in CSAC law, but there’s still trouble ahoy for the self-annointed West Linn gangsta. The next time he tries to apply for a license in any non-slacker commission town (aka any state that isn’t Texas), there’s a good chance he’ll be turned down. Especially if the commission is California or Nevada. Ya know, since they were the ones lied to / lied about.

The good news here is this all pushes the UFC towards the solution we all want to see anyways: Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 2 in some futbol stade or sambodromo in Brazil. There’s a lot of fan heat for this rematch, but I dunno if it’s ‘Cowboys Stadium sellout’ level. It’s ‘Brazil stadium sellout’ level, though. Heck, it’s possibly even ‘Lynch Chael if he wins’ level or ‘Riot like Vancouver if Chael wins’ level. And wouldn’t that be something to see?

(image via FightOpinion)