So UFC 148 has come and gone and wow, wasn’t that fun? The UFC should try to have more of those blockbuster superfights that actually happen and don’t succumb to steroid debacles or rampant injuries. I think we can all agree that it rocks when big fights happen that everyone cares about. When do you figure we’ll have another one like that?

Personally, being the old-skooler that I am (I finally pokemon evolved up from TUF noob!) I still want Anderson Silva versus Georges St Pierre. But since GSP refuses to reach for the stars, that’ll never happen. That’s not even the current dream fight everyone thinks should happen that never will. That new honor goes to Anderson Siva vs Jon Jones. Here’s what Dana White said when asked it:

“The two times he went to 205, it wasn’t because he wanted to,” White said. “It was because I asked him to.”

“Anderson is such a unique guy to deal with,” White said. “It’s such a different process when I’m dealing with this guy. I respect him so much. I swear to God, it’s like dealing with an artist. It’s like dealing with an  artist or some big, crazy-talented actor.

“But I love being involved in every aspect of the business with this guy. I love to watch him fight. I love the anticipation and the build-up. To watch this guy do what he does is seriously one of my favorite [expletive] parts of my job. I love it. This guy is my favorite fighter. He really is. And as hard as he is to deal with, I just love it. I love dealing with him.”

“Let’s see what happens,” White said with a wry smile.

Well that sounds promising. /sarcasm

And even though Anderson Silva spent the majority of the press release quietly up on the podium, Jon Jones preemptively shot down the fight as well:

“I guess Anderson said he had no interest in fighting me at (Saturday’s) press conference,” wrote Jones on his Twitter account. “I feel the same way about him. Nothing but respect.”

Who says you need disrespect to put together one of the biggest fights in the history of the sport? Everybody being so buddy buddy lately is really starting to cramp the UFC’s style. This ain’t the Superfriends, guys. This is the fight game. I guess in the meantime there’s Rashad Evans, who already declared he was interested and willing to drop down to 185 to challenge for the light heavyweight belt. Or will our artiste extraordinaire Anderson Silva have qualms about that canvas too?