Dana Dana, fat and bald, who deserves a UFC title shot most of all? He had some interesting thoughts on that regarding the welterweight division:

“Basically, this is a welterweight tournament. We’ve got six of the top-10 welterweights fighting on this card. Obviously, the main event is Nick Diaz vs. Georges St-Pierre for the title. We got [Carlos] Condit vs. [Rory] MacDonald and Ellenberger vs. Hendricks.”

Hendricks is still the frontrunner for a shot, but White couldn’t rule out the possibility of MacDonald or Condit leapfrogging him in the title picture, stating “If Hendricks looks good and wins his fight, [he’ll probably get the shot], but who knows? We’ll see what happens on that night.”

Sounds like it’s another event where the fighter with the most heat coming off their performance gets special consideration. But let’s be real here – not even a Pettis kick knockout from Carlos Condit is getting him back into contention. And it feels like Rory MacDonald still has another year before he finally stabs GSP in the back.

As for Anderson Silva and the middleweight division…

“Spring, he wants to fight in the spring,” said White during a recent media scrum. “That’s what we’re doing right now, we’re figuring out his next fight.”

“You know, a couple of months ago there was a bunch of (contenders), Weidman gets hurt, he’s out for a year. But, we’ll figure it out.”

And finally, for light heavyweight:

“I think Dan Henderson, I think he wants the Jon Jones fight,” said White during the UFC 158 press conference media scrum. “Actually, yeah [he’s ahead of Cormier]. “He’ll fight before Cormier, so yeah, he would be.”

Unless of course Lyoto Machida pulls a Vitor Belfort and knocks Henderson out of the running. In which case the winner of Alexander Gustafsson vs Gegard Mousasi can probably expect to jump to the head of the line.