Ultimate Fighter: Matt Riddle Breaks Dan Simmler’s Jaw!

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Urijah Hall’s spinning wheel kick knockout of Adam Cella was pretty badass, but was it the most badass knockout in the history of TUF? Off the top of my head I’d say yes but there are guys who disagree. Specifically Matt Riddle, who made his case on the Verbal Submission podcast that his KO of Dan Simmler was better:

“I think [Hall’s] knockout was definitely one of the flashiest and hard-hitting knockouts. Usually knockouts that happen that way aren’t as hard-hitting as that. It was a really impressive knockout and he did a lot of damage with that kick. That said, when I was on season seven, I broke that dude’s jaw in three places and gave him a level three concussion which means he had amnesia and he didn’t remember six months of his life. So that guy (Adam Cella) got his memory back in an hour, my guy didn’t get his memory back for six months AND he had his jaw wired for six months. So I think his knockout was definitely fancier and definitely way prettier, but medically and in long term damage, I still hold the record.”

What we have here is an MMA judging style quandary – what weighs more in your mind, the flashiness of the knockout or the damage inflicted by it? Hall’s victim was back in the house after doctors confirmed his brain hadn’t been turned into scrambled eggs. Riddle’s guy not only got sent home to eat through a straw, he didn’t even remember it was his home. He also ended up making that strange moaning noise, which has to be the most embarrassing thing you can semi-consciously do after losing short of wanking yourself off.