Showing the cutting edge verve that won him a marketing award, Kurt Otto from the IFL announced yesterday that he was firing Shawn Tompkins from his position as coach of “the Anacondas”. Shawn now has the unique distinction of being the first coach ever fired from the IFL. This is despite the fact that the Anacondas were the first place team through the 2007 season and won their only regular season event under his care. The team then lost in the event semi-finals to the Silverbacks (who last year won the cup or championship or rings or whatever the fuck you get for winning the “playoffs”).

Tompkins is definitely one of the busiest guys in MMA … he’s become one of the hottest striking coaches in the world after Dan Henderson credited him for Dan’s knockout of Wanderlei Silva. Personally I’d have sent a thank-you note to Mirko Crocop as well for softening Silva’s skull up, but that’s just me. Now Tompkins is a lead trainer at Randy Couture’s gym, and according to Otto is no longer “100% commited” to his team.

This whole story is pretty hilarious. It’s like cheating on your girlfriend with Jessica Alba … when the girlfriend says one of them has to go, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which one you’re going to choose. While Otto is making a big deal of the fact that he dumped Shawn and not the other way around, the truth is the IFL simply wasn’t important enough for Shawn to bother with any more.

**Update** Here’s Shawn’s side of the story. Across the rest of the net there’s definately some weird debate going on over who dumped who. Dave Meltzer has this:

Shawn Tompkins was released as head coach of the IFL’s Los Angeles Anacondas. IFL said he was released while Tompkins said he quit because he had taken on a full-time job as at Xtreme Couture’s and was moving to Las Vegas so couldn’t coach the team any longer. Bas Rutten will coach the Anacondas fighters who are still alive in the Grand prix tournament.