You might not see too much of a connection between last weekend’s Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz shitshow and the upcoming Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos title fight on FOX. But that’s because you don’t have everything on the line like Dana White does. While we just saw boxing being boxing, Dana saw referee ineptitude that ruined a mega-fight. Which could obviously happen in MMA easily as well:

“I don’t care who they put in there as long as he doesn’t blow a multi-million-dollar fight and a huge opportunity for the sport,” White today told (

“This would be a great opportunity for me to step up on the soapbox and go, ‘Boxing shot itself in the foot again, and look what these guys did!'” White said. “It had nothing to do with boxing, had nothing to do with the sport of boxing. It had to do with the officiating that night. And let me tell you what: Think about my position now. I’m about to go on FOX on Nov. 12 for our first big MMA event on free TV. I don’t want some referee that doesn’t know what he’s doing blowing my big night on FOX.”

So who’s going to call Velasquez and Dos Santos?

“I hope it’s Herb Dean,” White said. “I think Herb Dean’s the best referee in the business. Now I won’t get Herb Dean because I said that.”

I don’t think anyone is expecting a Tyson or Mayweather moment during the Velasquez / Dos Santos fight. But these are two giant motherfuckers throwing bombs at each other. What happens if the ref calls the fight prematurely? Nothing leaves a crowd feeling less satisfied then a ten second match with an iffy stoppage. It’s like being promised a sloppy BJ but only getting a kiss on the nob.