Apparently Dana White’s video blog doesn’t capture “everything” that happens during a UFC event backstage or in the hotel for that matter. White appeared on Jim Rome’s radio show Wednesday and briefly described a rather interesting event that took place following the UFC 137 show in Las Vegas.

According to White, after Diaz beat the life out of  B.J. Penn he proceeded to his Las Vegas hotel in search of George St. Pierre and a good ol’ fashion street fight. Here’s what White had to say about Diaz – “The GSP Bounty Hunter.”

“There’s more to this story that hasn’t been told,” White told Rome. “Nobody has talked about this, I haven’t said anything about it, but at one of the fights, the one where he really started calling Georges out, he was chasing Georges around the hotel and like yelling at him and stuff. And Georges thought he was going to try to fight him at the hotel. He was just waiting for the elevator doors to open and there would be Nick Diaz. The last fight after he won his fight and was saying all those things in the ring about Georges, he was really messing with Georges bad at the fight and trying to fight him at the hotel. That really pissed Georges off.”

Diaz elaborated on White’s tale during the UFC 158 presser:

“First of all, I don’t think he had any business being there or maybe on my side of the hotel. In and out of the lobby, I’m gonna be working there, I’m gonna be in and out you know need be reasons. And I suppose you know at the time he’s coming out of an elevator, or something. And you know I stand my ground, and he’s gonna try and walk through me and you know he’s not gonna walk through me. I’m gonna stand there with a hard look on my face and he’s gonna edge his way against the wall to get by and that’s that. You know, that’s all that happened. (Turns towards GSP) Isn’t that what happened? That’s what happened bro.”

Credit Diaz for being the creepy, mean-mugging guy that can pop out of nowhere like a damn jack-in-the-box ready to scrap at a moment’s notice. I figured GSP would be used to people coming at him from every direction wanting a piece of him at any point during the day (those women love them some GSP). Perhaps that’s exactly why Diaz was able to talk his way into this fight and GSP was obliged to accept.