Everyone wants to know where Andrei Arlovski is. Well, the answer is simple: he’s riding the fucking bench until Dana decides he’s learned his lesson. What lesson? I dunno really. Stop sucking it up in the Octagon? Sure, Arlovski’s third bout with Tim Sylvia was pretty terrible. But I’m pretty sure one of the muscles in Andrei’s leg snapped off the bone and rolled up like an old window blind in the first round. I’m not 100% sure on this, just shooting from the hip. I’d look it up on google but I’ve drank 3 energy drinks and can barely sit down, let alone do research.

So, Andrei’s shit match vs Tim Sylvia had more to do with Tim than with Andrei. Then Andrei smashed Marcio Cruz in a pleasantly aggressive manner, so no complaints there. Then he faced off against Fabricio Werdum, which drew out to a really boring decision. I’m pretty sure this match was when the UFC decided Andrei wasn’t earning his paycheck. But when you think about it, there’s been lots of other guys who have done far worse than Andrei who are still fighting. Josh Koscheck’s inaction against Diego Sanchez and Forrest Griffin’s gun shy dance with Hector Ramirez come to mind. I mean, for fucks sake … Josh couldn’t beat a guy who just found out he probably had Hep C. And don’t even get me started on Forrest’s inability to finish that Latino Pillsbury dough boy.

Come to think of it though, both Josh and Forrest ARE getting punished in a way. Josh is the unfortunate rebound fight for Georges St Pierre. And Forrest is being sacrificed to the almighty god known only as “Shogun”. Sure, the past 6 months have taught us that anything can happen, but I rate their chances of not getting wrecked the same as a snowball’s chance in Hell. I guess it comes down to this: Dana White can’t punish Arlovski by making him a stepping stone … the Pitbull is simply too good for that to be a realistic plan. So the other option is to bench him, and that’s what they’re doing.