Everyone’s favorite troll Chael “The American Gangster” Sonnen was set to face Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Munoz in a #1 contender match at the UFC’s second show on Fox next Saturday, but Munoz went and eff’d up his elbow, so Michael “The English Asshole” Bisping has stepped up instead.

Dana says Bisping “jumped at the fight” with Sonnen even with only 11 days notice, and it’s easy to see why.  Dana admits that they were aiming to set up a Bisping vs Silva/Sonnen title fight in the UK, but this dramatically reduces the timeframe for his potential title-shot, especially since Anderson Silva got injured again.  Except that Sonnen is a much tougher opponent than Maia, and I’m gonna go ahead and predict that there’s no way Bisping gets past him.  Very few (if any) dudes at middleweight can stop Sonnen’s takedowns, and if Mayhem can get and hold Bisping down for most of a round, Sonnen will grind him right through the mat.  Bisping has never been subbed, and Stann was Sonnen’s first finish since 2007, so I also hereby predict this one’s going to the judges.

Considering how much Jorge Rivera was able to get under Bisping’s skin, folks have long looked forward to an epic war of words between “Count Douchefellow III” and a shit-talking troll like Sonnen.  They’ll be surprisingly disappointed, but not because there isn’t time to work up a lather, it’s because Sonnen respects a fellow douchebag villain.

I’m a Bisping supporter. I think he has [earned a title-shot]. I think he’s fought a lot of important matches.

I don’t know how tough the guys he fought were, how many ranked guys he had — I’m not terribly familiar with his record. But at the end of the day, you can say what you want about his opponents, he doesn’t pick his opponents. They pick his opponents and he goes in and he wins over and over again.

I think it’s really relevant, especially for the Bisping naysayers, to realize he’s fighting main-event fights. He’s carrying cards. He’s selling out arenas. In this industry, that’s huge. He’s done his part.

So I’m not on the anti-Bisping bandwagon. I never have been.
. . .
He appears to be a little bit brash. He’s definitely cocky and arrogant, which is two qualities that I like in a person. I like a cocky guy and I like an arrogant guy, so he earns points with me in those regards, but I think it turns a lot of people off.

Well shit.  So much for the “Old Blighty” or “free dental work” or “saved your ass in WW2” lines I was expecting.

As for Bisping’s former opponent Demien Maia, he will now fight undefeated Matt Serra protege Chris “All American” Weidman (jeez, everyone’s so nationalistic round here).  Weidman is 3-0 in the UFC and subbed his last two opponents in the first round, so this could turn into a sweet ground clinic.  Multiple Tweeters suggested that Paul “Tardstrong” Harris would be an even sweeter opponent for Maia, and apparently Dana was way ahead of them, but Paul said he’s “banged up” and turned it down.  Yeah he fought only a few days ago, but he must mean he had a tough training camp, because it’s not like he took any damage in that fight… or maybe he’s developing “heel-hook elbow” from all the repetitive strain.