Ah, the freakshow fight. It’s a staple of the MMA scene around the world and now it sounds like Brazil is really getting in on the action.

It was announced by Coyotes Fight Night that the 485lbs giant Julio Cezar Gregorio de Araujo is facing 135lbs journeyman Ricardo Sattelmayer in their first edition, to be held on August 10th.

The Openweight fight is the Main Event of the Coyotes Fight Night 1, who is going to have 9 pro fights that includes pro wrestler Beto Piovesan facing ninjutsu artist Renato Vuorinen in an old-school like clash of styles bout.

Bringing the experience of over 20 Muay Thai fights alongside 9 MMA fights, Ricardo Sattelmayer is looking for the battle of his lifetime. After starting his career on a disappointing 0-4 record, the 5’7″ slugger has won three of the last five and looks forward on building a positive record in a true cinderella story. Julio Cezar is not the only tough fight he is preparing for: on July 27th, he is going to face unbeaten bantamweight Thomas Almeida, who has never fought a second round after stopping all of his 10 opponents so far.

On the other side of the octagon, the 30-year old, 6’6″ high and 485lbs heavy Julio Cezar Gregorio De Araujo finally gets his chance to debut in MMA. A Judo black belt, Jiu Jitsu purple belt and former Rugby player, there is no secret that the key for the win of Julio is a quick takedown.

Dear God. Line by line it just gets worse and worse. Not only is one guy 350 pounds lighter, he has a terrible record AND is probably gonna get knocked out two weeks before the fight takes place. Why don’t they just smash his head against a cinder block right before weigh-ins and really get the odds of a fatality up there.

The thing about freakshow fights: they usually don’t last long, which is why in the end I find them to be a generally pointless and unsatisfying experience. In this case though, that’ll probably be for the best as less time = less damage. Not like this Julio Muralha is a comfirmed killer or anything, but he’s got enough decent martial arts belts lying around to imply he isn’t a total graceless sack of shit.