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While Scott Coker isn’t afraid to boldly state that Strikeforce will be on Showtime for many years to come, even he won’t comment on what’s next for the promotion’s last two heavyweights:

Officials have maintained that the grand-prix winner will get another Strikeforce fight – informally referred to as the “plus-one” fight – but Coker said nothing definitive has been decided beyond that. Yes, the winner will fight again for Strikeforce (though the organization’s other heavyweights have already been folded into the UFC, its sister promotion). Otherwise?

“There have been some preliminary conversations, but as you can imagine, it depends on who wins and if there are any injuries … (and) any injuries to other fighters that we might be looking to come fight the winner,” he said. “That’s something that we could probably have a better picture of once the fight’s over and see if there are any injuries.”

So basically whoever wins the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix gets the prize of uncertainty. Wonderful! Ironically, the one thing that could return some meaning to the end of this once great tournament – some sort of UFC contendership arrangement – is completely off the table because Showtime refuses to adapt to the new reality of their Zuffa-owned promotion. Bravo, sirs.

After the jump, the rest of the fights from the tournament, made available by Showtime for your viewing pleasure. Now there’s a decision I can get behind.