Yesterday Dana White told Sports Illustrated that he had a list of shit he needed to take care of at UFC headquarters to get things back on track for the second half of 2011. I asked you guys to share your thoughts on what kind of changes he could make that would do it for you. Some ideas were good, some were unlikely, but all were pretty interesting. Here’s some of em:

Internal random drug testing: The commissions obviously aren’t willing to do things they way they need to be done to clean up the sport. It’s time for the UFC to step in and show they’re commited to removing the cancer of performance enhancing drugs out of the sport

Turn Strikeforce into a feeder league: This whole seperate but equal sham is stupid, and everything would be much better if Strikeforce took it’s rightful place as the home for up and coming talent plus older but still popular fighters who can’t hack it in the UFC any more.

Finish that network deal: No need to throw Baby Spike out with the bathwater, but the UFC needs to get a big dick swinging show or two onto network TV. It’s the logical way to take the sport to the next level, and there will never be a better time than now. Time to shit or get off the pot.

Open next season’s TUF up to fighters already in the UFC: It’ll be like the Comeback season, except with awesome fighters instead of washouts. It’d be a great way to sort out the fat middle of the lightweight division and a title shot would sweeten the pot enough to get a lot of awesome, hungry fighters involved.

Update production values: The gladiator can stay, but will anyone really shed a tear when Bring the Pain finally goes away? And while many people want Goldberg gone, may I instead suggest that maybe you have a B Team so we don’t get Mike and Joe overload? I know the UFC has perfected their recipe for event production, but every event feels exactly the same. Even the Toronto supershow was barely any different. Freshen it up, guys.

The three best (in my august opinion) were Letibleu’s internal PED testing, CAP’s Strikeforce feeder league, and ThunderElbow’s TUF All-Stars season. Not that I think any of them will actually be implemented (especially the drug testing), but they probably should be in some parallel dimension. I’ll be contacting you for sizes and addresses, jackals. And tomorrow I’ll share my own pointless totally never gonna happen ideas on what Dana should do.