I ain’t no Jack Slack but I likes what I see when it comes to Nick Newell and figured a little gif breakdown was in order to share my love for this handi-capable guy. Haters like to point out he still hasn’t beaten any top guys in the sport, but that isn’t a barrier to enjoying the guy’s fights. It’s not so much who he fights but rather HOW he fights. I’ve been watching this sport for a long time and there’s a lot of neat fresh tricks he brings to the table. They may not be the most technically sound or prudent maneuvers in the world, but in my book a bit of passion and creativity goes a long way in a sport often dominated by wrestlers and jabby counter strikers.

Kicks against the cage! Newell isn’t afraid to throw em in close quarters.

Spinning back stump! Another Nick Newell favorite.

Newell ties up a leg and uses it to get back to his feet. He’s an expert at this and also has some fearsome footlocks. Also note how he lifts his opponent’s leg way the fuck up for a takedown attempt. Dat’s So Newell.

There’s very few scenarios where Nick won’t throw kicks. You get the feeling he started out thinking his lack of a left hand meant he’d have to compensate. Now he’s got great ‘hands’ and really aggressive feet too.

There’s no good angle on this choke finish, but once Newell clamps on there’s not much his opponent can do to to escape. The way Newell’s nub is tucked into the neck, there’s no arm to grab onto and pry loose. Just one of the ways Newell uses his handicap to his advantage.

Another example of how there’s no lever to pull down and use to escape when Nick chokes you.