Little did Kendall know his ProElite contract had a small provision tucked into it that allowed them to set his hands on fire for promotional purposes.

It’s been a busy month for resurrected promotion ProElite en route to their genesis show on August 27th. There’s been a bunch of stories floating around regarding their future so MMA Fighting took some time to interview apparent promotion head honcho T Jay Thompson on what’s really going down:

* Thompson vehemently denied a Cage Potato report that the organization was close to signing a TV deal with Viacom to broadcast its events on CBS and Showtime in the near future.

“There is absolutely no truth to the report that we are close to a deal with CBS and Showtime,” he said.

Thompson said they are talking to “everyone” in the TV world but stopped short at saying who was the frontrunner. The organization’s Aug. 27 show will stream live on, but Thompson hopes he will have a TV deal in place by the promotion’s second show.

* Speaking of its second show, Thompson said “early November” in Atlantic City, N.J., is when ProElite’s sophomore event will take place. No specific date or location has been finalized yet.

* One of the main attractions scheduled for the event will be the start of a heavyweight grand prix. But before you roll your eyes at the idea of another heavyweight GP, Thompson says this one will feature mostly “unknown” big men from around the world. Andrei Arlovski and Mark Ellis, who are scheduled to fight in different bouts in Hawaii, could be a part of it if they win their debut fights.

Lest you be uninterested in their Heavyweight Grand Prix, let ProElite reassure you that it will be full of unknowns! And maybe Andre Arlovski if he can get past 5-2 light heavyweight Ray Lopez. Okay, okay, we get what they’re probably trying to say: the tournament will feature a bunch of heavyweights prospects – the Grand Prix of tomorrow! If this thing happens and we find the next generation of Eastern European killers that were never discovered after PRIDE’s death, I will be very happy indeed.

What a change the world of MMA has gone through over the past five years. Back in the day, you’d snort and roll your eyes every time you heard a non-UFC promoter talking about the possibility of a TV deal. Now TJ Thompson can not only be taken seriously when he says he hopes to have a deal in place by show numero 2, but he has to deny a mega-deal is already in place. And some MMA sites won’t believe the denial!

After the jump, the ProElite promo video for their upcoming show, which is where we got Kendal Flame Fist Grove from.

[youtube I-VSiACQBqA]