Scott Jorgensen had a pretty good night on Saturday, snapping a two fight losing streak and winning both Fight of the Night and Submission of the night honors with his thrilling last second choke-out of John Albert. He was also having a pretty good skin night – the dude suffers from vitiligo, a pigmentation disorder that usually has him looking dottier than a dalmatian. But for this fight you couldn’t even tell he had an issue. Other than that totally radical phoenix tattoo, his skin looked pretty normal for once.

Part of me is excited for Scott overcoming his vitiligo, but another is kinda sad. Back in the early days when the WEC was bought by the UFC, it was tricky to track all the new lighter weight fighters. You never had a problem remembering Jorgensen though, partially because he fought like a beast but also because he was that dude with the weird skin condition. As Scott probably learned in high school, that makes you stand out a little. It was part of his identity, so in that way I am kinda disappointed he no longer looks like a freak. Ah well. He still has a knack for exciting choke submissions, and that’s good enough for me.