News that Jon Jones will be fighting Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua has really excited fans, who blitzed Ticketmaster according to Dana White the second the title fight was switched. Most gambling sites have been too busy getting gangbanged by Superbowl fans to update the match, but one respected oddsmaker has set the line at -150 Bones to +120 Shogun. For those of you who aren’t fluent in Gamblerese, that means Jones is the favorite. Even with the inexperience. Even with the 6 weeks of prep time. That’s impressive, even factoring in Shogun’s history when coming back from knee injuries.

But what about Rashad Evans, the forgotten one? He’s popped up on twitter to explain the injury:

“Hey my ppl! Last night most of u heard the news. If not here is the latest. I have 2 pull out of my Shogun fight because of injury. I severely sprained my MCL in practice. While in practice I got blindsided by another group of partners right into the side of my knee like football lineman style.. Since I’m hurt my teammate young phenom Bones Jones is gonna step in 4 me! I’m gonna recover & then see what happens next 4 me! Thank all u 4 the encouragement! I love my supports & my haters! Go get that belt brudda Jones!”

But wait a second. If Jones and Rashad both come from the lovey dovey Land of Greg Jackson, what’s Rashad gonna do if Jones proves the bookies right and takes out Shogun? On MMA Live Rashad said he’d “go up to heavyweight or down to middleweight. But I will not fight Jon.” Man, that would end up a cautionary tale for the ages, right up there with ‘Don’t sit out 15 months waiting for your title shot.’