A few days before the TUF Brazil 2 finale (UFC on FUEL 10 for us North Americans), Glover Teixeira and Demian Maia planted a tree at a Ceara State park. This was all part of the UFC’s participation in Ceara Carbono Zero, a “carbon offsetting action initiative”:

In 2011 the Ceara State Government began a carbon emissions policy under the guidelines of the Ceara Carbono Zero strategy. The strategy emphasizes support to renewable energy investments (specifically solar and wind power), the protection of the biodiversity of the Caatinga (a semi-arid scrub forest situated in the northeast of Brazil), the implementation of the solid waste policy, as well as a set of overall efforts to mitigate and compensate emissions.

The State Government laid out a set of actions aimed to offset carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions at important events set to take place in Ceara throughout the next several years, such as the FIFA World Cup, the FIFA Confederation Cup and Saturday’s UFC event. The Government will work with the Federal University of Ceará to calculate the carbon emissions stemming from the UFC event.

The State Government’s carbon offset action develops an inventory of all carbon emission from transportation and operation of an event, including travel by the public to the event venue, the calculation of total greenhouse gas emissions – using the United Nations approved Greenhouse Gas Protocol, adjusted to local environmental conditions – and the compensation of emissions through the planting of trees, using native species to protect and preserve the local ecosystem.

According to the company’s press release, Saturday’s event was the first carbon neutral UFC event ever. Pretty cool! Well, for the environment. Not so cool for the fighters at the event. The carbon footprint left by the show was probably a lot lower than your typical UFC event because the arena they were in had no air conditioning:

…the chosen venue at Paulo Sarasate Arena was not equipped with air conditioning which pushed the temperatures just shy of 100 degrees. Fighting in an environment the likes of what the passionate Brazilian fanbase creates is a task unto itself, let alone throwing leather inside a sweat box.

Ceara has a reputation for being the hottest state in Brazil, and the heat was apparently in full effect that night with temperatures in the arena hitting 104 degrees. Lucky for a lot of fighters, their matches didn’t end up lasting all that long. Still, one has to wonder what kind of effect the humidity had on everyone. BTUF finalist and favorite William Macario looked like he was ready to stroke out by the end of his fight, and his opponent Leonardo Santos (who lost in the quarter-finals and came back to replace an injured teammate) ended up winning the show instead.

I guess Macario just wasn’t TUF enough. *foghorn* Hey, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of Ceara! *slide whistle* Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week.