Howdy. Ryan’s away this weekend (something about making meth in an RV parked in the desert of New Mexico with some kid named Jesse), so in his absence, we’re going to celebrate that very special trait many fighters possess yet only a select few can wield effectively. That’s right, I’m talking about the “dumb”. As in, “Damn, what that guy did was dumb!” Or, “Wow, could he be more dumb?” Or, “Jeez, you just rolled three ‘ones’ on the six-sided die for ‘Intelligence’ – your Dungeons & Dragons character is dumb!”

Of course, everyone’s got a subjective opinion on what they think is the ultimate bone-headed move a fighter has ever pulled off. Was it Art Jimmerson wearing one boxing glove when he fought Royce Gracie at UFC 1? Was it “Rampage” playing demolition derby in a vehicle that had his face painted on the side? Or was it Eddie Alvarez uttering the words, “Hey Bjorn, wanna come over and watch the UFC on pay-per-view tonight?” I don’t know! So I went out and asked some media types what they thought! And if you disagree with them, guess what? You’re dumb!

  • Hamilton Nolan of “The dumbest thing a fighter has EVER done? Probably to keep fighting until they’re a vegetable, which could apply to many fighters. The dumbest specific recent thing that comes to mind is Victor Ortiz getting knocked out while trying to hug Mayweather in the middle of the ring. Keep your hands up.”
  • Chris Leslie of “Fighters are somewhat synonymous with doing dumb things, it just seems to come with the territory. Jesse Taylor and Jeremy Jackson’s TUF screw-ups certainly rank up there (as well as the rest of Jackson’s life), but when I think of stupid things I cannot help but think of Alexander Emelianenko’s decision to battle with a bull on a game show. The game show featured Emelianenko competing in a relay show that had him and a partner jump into a pit with an angry bull and grabbing the items from a fake tree. Needless to say, goring did occur… but that is not all. To make this game show even more bat-shit crazy, the contestants then put on X and O suits and played tic-tac-toe… with the angry bull running through the contestants. There have been a lot of low IQ moments for MMA fighters, but this one still stands out to me.”
  • Eric Holden of “At the UFC 158 post-fight press conference, Nick Diaz announced that he never paid taxes in his life. Not too smart.”
  • Kelsey Mowatt of “UFC 113, May, 2010: Paul Daley tries hitting Josh Koscheck after the final bell, and in doing so, becomes an even bigger heel than a man who wasn’t exactly a fan favorite. The classless move also took place after Daley had bombed out Dustin Hazelett and Martin Kampmann to begin his UFC tenure. Now that’s stupid.”

What do you think is the dumbest thing a fighter has ever done? Add your gem in the comments. If it sucks, we’ll make fun of you.