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You may have noticed a firehose worth of interview videos and media scrums being blasted directly into your face over the past couple of days. That’s on account of the UFC 168 World Tour, which hits  Las Vegas, New York, Bristol, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo over the course of this week. Sure, we just got through with another World Tour in August. But the UFC doesn’t need much reminding lately that the right fights can sell mega-PPVs, so it’s worth dragging Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva around the world for the second time in two months. Anderson Silva, for one, doesn’t sound like he’s enjoying it all that much:

Silva barely endured one minute of questions before becoming exasperated, shaking his head and saying, “It’s the same questions all the time, c’mon guys, please.”

Most of those questions understandably focused on Silva’s July 6 knockout loss to Chris Weidman and the upcoming UFC 168 rematch.

Silva answered most of those inquiries with “It’s the same” or “It’s normal.” Suffice it to say, Silva is not planning on changing anything in his training or game plan for his rematch with Weidman.

The subject that seemed to excite Silva the most was a possible fight with former boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. Silva when asked what made the fight with Roy Jones Jr. so appealing to him replied, “Every time I watch Roy Jones, I say to my dad, ‘look at this guy, he’s perfect.’ So, it’s my dream. You have your dream, no? I have mine.”

The moment he starts talking about the Roy Jones Jr fight his eyes light up like a kid at Christmas. And now you not only have to start accepting the fact that Anderson Silva is VERY serious about this Jones Jr thing, but that it will probably happen sooner or later. Hopefully later, after Andy takes care of Weidman, Belfort, and any other loose ends in the middleweight division. And dare we hope a fight with the other Jones, Jon Jones, happens before the Jones Jr one? I for one will keep that dream alive, if just so I can suffer some more disappointment when it inevitably dies. I’m a bit of an MMA news masochist like that.