[youtube XXP3z8PQByI]

Since Chael Sonnen will no longer be facing Forrest Griffin, but will leapfrog about five guys and get a title shot against Jon Jones instead, I thought it’d be nice to take a little journey back to 2003 and the IFC tournament where Forrest and Chael first met. While only nine years ago, 2003 was pre-TUF, and MMA was still largely bootleg back then. The best thing about these old fights isn’t even the fights themselves, but the horrific commentary. Sonnen is introduced as a “submission wrestler cross-trained in grappling,” and coming in at “197 ready to go pounds.”

The fight plays out exactly as you’d expect an old Chael Sonnen fight to go – takedown to start, triangle to finish. And actually, aside from the submission, their second fight would have probably looked identical. So just watch this one, and instead of a triangle, envision two more rounds of Chael lying on top of Forrest to win a mundane decision, and instead of redundant, amateurish commentary imagine professional Goldbergisms such as, “These guys train hard, Joe.” So there you have it, no rematch needed.