[youtube 53dWzIXnxG0]

Paul Daley is still unable to get into the US over some shady bar fight allegations, and who knows when that’ll be cleared up. Fortunately, it seems like Daley has sorted out whatever issues he had with Bellator, who were being real restrictive pricks over who Daley was and wasn’t allowed to fight in the UK and Europe while all this was shaking out.

That allowed all of us to see Daley in action this weekend at Cage Warriors 57 where he put on an elbows and knees clinic against Lukasz Chlewicki. The fight ended up being stopped in between the first and second round and I’m sure Chlewicki’s internal organs would thank the ringside doctors if they could. As it stands, I’m sure he’ll be peeing blood for the next day or six.

The plum. Not just a fruit!

(gif via – who else!?! – Bloody Elbow’s Zombie Prophet)