I know what you’re thinking: What the fuck is Joost? Well, it seems like Joost is a video sharing site that’s full of legal content from big media companies. So basically the revolutionary thing about it is that it does what the rest of the internet has been doing for the past 5 years, only legally.

Anywho, one of the groups involved in Joost are our friends from The Fight Network. Okay, maybe ‘friends’ is a strong word to use. God knows, they never return my calls. And Loretta Hunt continues to ignore my Smiles on Lavalife. Regardless, there’s a decent amount of programming from the bastards at The Fight Network on Joost, mainly TKO and Rumble on the Rock fights. Here’s some highlights:

TKO 15 – Jeremy Horn vs David Loiseau
TKO 14 -Jeff Joslin vs Jonathan Goulet
TKO 14 – Pete Spratt vs Georges St. Pierre
Rumble On The Rock 4 – Takanori Gomi vs BJ Penn
Rumble On The Rock 4 – Paul Buentello vs Andy Montana
Taco Bender

Wait a second … what the hell is Taco Bender?

At Tio’s Tacos, David hears a voice through the pipes of the urinal: someone is trapped in a basement room. David wants to do good, so he creeps downstairs and opens a heavy door: behind it is a massive shirtless Mexican man in a devil mask.