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This past weekend’s Invicta FC was a good one, but if you’re not deep into the world of female bloodsports you probably only knew about the fight between Marloes Coenen and Cris Cyborg. This was Cyborg’s second fight for Invicta and she continues to show that she’s head and shoulders above the rest of the pack at 145, probably because her shoulders continue to be the size of her opponents’ heads.

Cyborg spends pretty much the entire four rounds this fight lasts tossing Coenen around and tenderizing her with strikes until finally getting her into a checkmate position and finishing her off. It wasn’t the brutal bumrush savaging she has laid on many of her opponents in the past, but Coenen was unable to challenge Cyborg on the feet or ground, which just feeds into the idea that Cris is generally going to seem indestructible until another titan of a gorilla woman steps into the sport to challenge her.

So what’s next for Cyborg? Not the UFC. Ronda Rousey is tied up with TUF and TUF related coach fights until February, so you can expect to see Cyborg on as many cards as Invicta is willing to put her on. Cris also mentioned something about a fight in Thailand later this August – at this point you figure she’s not just fighting to stay active and prove herself as a top dog in WMMA, but also to pay the bills. And if she keeps winning, we all know what obvious fight the UFC should put together.