It’s always sad when someone leaves the family. It’s even worse when they’re forced out. When you combine the two you’re in for a shit storm of drama, and no one knows that better than UFC president Dana White. Since the overdue departure of Rampage Jackson and the sudden dismissal of Jon Fitch MMA fans have been waiting for the verbal tongue lashing that inevitably comes when a established fighter/s leave Uncle Dana’s backyard. Sure, it might take some time but eventually they have their say and it’s usually when many ears are attuned.

On Thursday afternoon during the World Series of FIghting media call Fitch saw his opportunity to put the UFC on notice, and he did just that. Fitch blasted the UFC for their lack of interest in him as a fighter, and the companies piss-poor work environment to boot.

“From very early on I was fighting for my job every single fight,” he said. “They made it clear to me that they didn’t like me or want me around. It’s awesome to have people working with me instead of against me.”

“I’m proud of my history, I’m proud of what I’ve done. I’m even more proud of what I’ve done under the circumstances. It’s not easy to be successful in a hostile work environment. Anyone who’s worked in any profession that had to go through that knows that for a fact. I feel like I have double the wins because of the circumstances that I fought against.”

White – as he always does – fired back via with a pointed retort at the former UFC welterweight’s claims.

“Jon Fitch said he was working under a hostile work environment and that he never had an opportunity and should have double the wins he had with us,” White exclusively told MMA Junkie. “He was complaining about what he had to go through here, about people saying stuff under their breath to him and all this bulls—. Jon Fitch is so full of s–t. He’s f—ing delusional. First of all, he had every opportunity that anyone else had. After Georges St-Pierre beat the living s–t out of him, did we treat him differently or anything?

“Just to lay it out with facts, Jon Fitch lost to Georges St-Pierre at UFC 87. He had an opportunity to fight for the title, and he got destroyed in that fight. He fought to a draw with B.J. Penn in a top contender fight. Then he gets a chance to be a No. 1 contender again and gets knocked f—ing dead in the first round by Johny Hendricks. What f—ing opportunities has he not been given?

“He was prominently featured on tons of UFC pay-per-view events. ‘GSP’-B.J. Penn was the main event at UFC 94, and Jon Fitch was on that fight card against Akihiro Gono. He was on UFC 100 vs. Paulo Thiago. He was on UFC 111 against Ben Saunders, and ‘GSP’ and Dan Hardy were the main event of that one. UFC 117 against Thiago Alves? That was Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen in the main event. He’s fought on all the most prominent cards. When he had a baby, we sent him an awesome baby basket. Do you do that to somebody you don’t give a s–t about? He’s 35 years old, and since 2011, he’s gone 1-2-1.”

White made sure to include a little snippet about Rampage in his rant as well. You know for old time sake.

“Rampage’ comes out and says he’s so happy – he’s the happiest he’s ever been,” White said. “Why wouldn’t he be happy? ‘Rampage’ himself, and I’m quoting ‘Rampage,’ came out and said, ‘I don’t have what it takes to compete with the best in the world anymore.’ That’s a quote from ‘Rampage.’ Now you’re fighting in (TNA) where the outcomes are predetermined. You can start winning again.

“He lost his love of fighting a long time ago. He wanted to be a movie star. The movie star thing didn’t work out, so fighting is where he makes his money. Unfortunately, he’s unhappy about that. That’s not my fault.”

At this point I’m assuming there’s no way anyone can convince White to participate in one of those Undercover Boss shows, right? Have no fear UFC fanboys the company, and by extension Uncle Dana are going to be just fine. They’ll practically pros at handling this kind of abuse. They’re also pretty damn good at dishing it out too.