Everyone’s favorite trashy MMA delinquent is War Machine – at least until he takes something too far Falcao-style and quickly becomes a Brett Rogers style pariah. Note that all three of these guys fight / fought / are champions for Bellator. Hmmm. Anyways, Mr Machine is in love, and it’s with a porn star named Christy Mack (zomg so nsfw). The two are so down for each other, they’ve gone ahead and gotten tattoos to prove it!

While Christy’s looks like the kind of thing that’s easily fixable with some black ink and angel wing made out of switchblades or something, I fear for War Machine should this love somehow prove to be not as eternal as it seems now. I guess MACK isn’t the worst word to have written across your neck, even if you’re not dating the porn star it was named after.

Also – and I didn’t think this was gonna be possible – this relationship has made War Machine’s twitter even more entertaining before. A sample: